Name: Ros Okusanya

Origin: Fillipino/Nigerian British

Based: New York, USA

Career: Model Agent for 19 years Manchester/London/NYC

Now: Casting Director / Producer

Obsessed with: The industry greats. Love. Friends. Family. Inspiring others. Bunnies. New Ideas. New places. Beautiful faces.

Name: Mike D. Ware

Origin: Eritrea

Based: Chicago, USA

Career: Director of Photography

Now: Creative Producer/Film Director

Obsessed with: The Bears. Great Italian food. Perfection. The experience. The story.

Name: Kahri Stewart

Origin: Irish

Based: London, UK / USA

Career: Casting Director / M&A Director / Business COO

Obsessed with: Water. Entrepreneurship. Mindfulness. Architecture. Music. Creativity. Sustainability. Travel. Loved ones... and, making a difference.